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Journey to Self Healing

Healing Alchemists is a virtual healing platform that focuses on holistic energy healing and self healing Gnosticism. Throughout the last 2500 years alchemical healing practices have been used all over the world by a variety of esoteric holistic healers. Since early 300 BC, alchemy has been used to learn about the unique makeup of what we refer to as the Spirit. Spirit and energy share interchangeable notions of infinite power, purpose, and vitality within the human being and by innerstanding how energy is transferred, absorbed, and utilized, alchemist use this knowledge to direct the flow of spirit energy within one’s own life, and the life of others.

At Healing Alchemists we don’t just provide advice and send you on your way. Every session, we teach you the tools necessary to learn and innerstand the self-healing process. Thus, we help you become aware and innerstand how we sometimes resist energy, pass on karmic or generational energy, or even accept unwanted energies in our life which we in turn project into our world. By examining the energy patterns in your life and innerstanding how energy is flowing through your daily decisions, thoughts, and intentions you can learn to take control of your life and create a life filled with self-awareness, and overall higher consciousness.

What is alchemy?


Alchemy is the study and innerstanding of the combined teaching of chemistry and philosophy. Alchemy is the predecessor to these two notions as it deals with the search of the Elixir of Life. Alchemy often refers to the “transmutation of lead into gold”. This allegory represents the purification process of ones inner self from an unpurified (unconscious) being into a purified(awakened) conscious state. Philosophy explains the why and presents the premise of God or an infinite source of power(energy), +Intention(purpose) =Creation. Science innerstands the how, breaking down the study of God into equations where we can examine specific variables to create desired outcomes. Alchemy is innerstanding the dichotomy of both science and religion working in unison.  Alchemy enables one to innerstand energy patterns, vibrations, and frequencies generated in ones life which in turn creates our reality.

Alchemical Healing

When in a pure state of consciousness, we function on a high vibration plane, without limitation, possessing infinite imagination, creativity, and possibilities, that is steeped with intention and focus, cultivated with a flow co creation energy, then finally executed through divine will power. This is the alchemical process of creation. Transmuting ideas and thoughts, into tangible outcomes and realities in this material plane.

Sometimes we fall out of this vibration and begin dwelling in lower vibrational planes. Vibrations planes filled with, fear, negativity, illusion, trauma, doubt, lack of awareness, and lack of confidence. We enter these low vibration planes when we become attached to damaging past experiences, traumas, and over dwelling in negative thought patterns. Due to lack of awareness of this alchemical happening, we often get stuck in these planes for very long time period. Some of us even lose the ability to create altogether and can only follow the lead of other co creators. This can last a lifetime, and often, several lifetimes.


Through alchemical healing we help transmute shadow energy into light energy, increasing your vibrations back to it’s child like consciousness allowing one to co create at maximum efficiency. We do this by a 3-step process called the Alchemical process of purification:

Construction– We will together examine the specific construct of the problem or issue, identify root causes of vibration blockage

Deconstruction– Here, we break down any vibration blockages by creating a new construct to allow energy transmutation

Reconstruction-We will then Identify what needs to be healed, create transmutation prescript to give the patient tools and instructions on how to heal the necessary energies to ascend back into high vibrations.

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