Meet the Alchemist

Pharoh Tahar

Hello, my name is Pharoh  and I am an alchemical energy healer, and a guide to human transmutation. I have been studying alchemy for three years now. I have studied the ancient Egyptian Kemetic teachings of alchemy at its origin. I now serve others as an alchemic energy healer, advanced reiki student, medicine man of the Native American Church, and a spiritual life coach. I have given my life to healing and teaching others these healing practices so that we may as a collective heal this beautiful Earth.

“We are all light beings, beings which can operate on very high vibrational planes which allow us to self heal, co-create, and contribute to the cosmic manifestation of creation as higher conscious beings in this universe.”

Healing Session Process

Upon booking a session you will be directed into a chat room with me.

First, I will ask you to explain the concern of focus. I ask that you be as specific and detailed in explaining concerns as possible, for the more information I have the better I may serve you.

Please feel free to express yourself any way you feel needed to explain your concern, I am here to listen.

After I feel confident about understanding the concern in focus I will move on to the Energy Diagnostic.

Here, the I will dissect the information you have provided to identify misplaced energy. I will analyze the words used to describe the concern to identify low vibrations within speech patterns then work to trace the patterns back to its origin of formation. We will then work on transmuting the misplaced energy patterns into high vibration patterns.

After the energy diagnostic, depending on the session booked we will either move on to the deep energy cleansing or the transmutation prescription.

Full energy Transmutation

This is for people will more serious concerns possibly dealing with trauma and karmic debts. here we will dive even deeper into the misplaced energy and work to identify the root of the misplaced energy and cleanse it, then transmute it into higher vibrations

Transmutation Prescript

The transmutation prescript will deal mostly with your chakra system. For more information on chakra please see home page.

Each Prescript will provide the following:

  • Chakra in need of healing:
  • Location of chakra
  • Physiological function of chakra
  • Energy state of chakra
  • Demon of chakra
  • Daily meditation time to heal chakra
  • Meditation ohm
  • Food for healing
  • Color for healing
  • Gemstone for healing
  • Incense for healing
  • Incantation

Following the prescript I will provide detailed instructions on the transmutation process such as instructions for daily meditation, gemstone acquisition, incense lighting and diet recommendations.

If you are doing a full transmutation session I will conduct weekly check ins, further healing advice, and spiritual coaching over the next 30 days.

For session details or questions please email